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We are an entity created by the School of Flying association which is pioneering an innovative project which is constructive for our students. In collaboration with “Aviación en las aulas” (Aviation in classrooms) and Llaüt school we are able to show the students from 4th of ESO and 1st of Bachillerato the theoretical and practical aspects of creating a company from scratch in the modern world.


Our project is being financed by individual donations, support from the government of the Balearic Islands (General Director of Youth) and the ENAIRE Foundation.


The initiative that we are looking for is that the students acquire an array of abilities through their studies and the real world in order to create a company whose objective is to create an actual ultralight aeroplane.


Our goal is that this group of young men and their different individual talents will permit them to have an experience equivalent to working as a team in order to complete their objectives and achieve their future social and economic dreams.


According to the various personal niches of each student, we have created three departments: Marketing, Finance, and Production, which must learn to work together to make sure that this ambitious project can exist, and most importantly, succeed.

       Marketing Department

Milos Piña Alvarez

Francisco Más López

Ignacio Vilaseca Just

Marcos Venzal

Guillermo Cereijo

Pablo Docampo

Riky Salvá Montaner

Pau Vives Seguí

William Pavesi

Daniel Socias Florit

Asís Cortés Vidal

José Más López

Albert Girona

Anthony Hartnell

Biel Borrás

        Finance Department

Guillermo Esteban

Jogil Moreno Martinez

Joan Amengual Carrió

Uriel Sanz Dalmau

Alejandro Aguiló

Juan Rabell García

Gabriel Mesquida

Mateu Bennasar Coll

               Department                 Production / Technology

Carlos Revenga

Bili Beltrán

Jesús Orta Torres

Guillermo Vicens

Enrique Herencia

Joel Mutua Ndunge

Joan Andrés Miralles

Oscar García Costoya

Bartomeu Bestard

Pedro Valdibia Solern

              Teachers Llaüt College

Prof. Miquel Manresa

Prof. Sergio Rico

Prof. David Pérez

              Assistant Principal Llaüt

Prof. Vicente Franch

         Pilots / Aviation Instructors SOF

Pablo Ruíz (left)

Tadeo Baino (left) and Christian Smith (right


Colegio Llaüt, Parc Bit, Calle Gregorio Mendel, s/n, 07121 Palma, Islas Baleares


Teléfono: +34 692/827846 +34 692/827846

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